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How to make the best social impact in East Africa?

After $500 billion in aid and charity little has changed. Why are impact investments and social entrepreneurship more effective at reducing poverty in Africa and how can you help?
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What is the best way you can help people in need?

Where aid at large has failed to eradicate poverty and hunger foreign investments on the other hand has made a bigger impact in a much shorter period of time. China in particular has become a major investor in Africa surpassing the combined investments of the rest of the world.

China however is under critique for issues like cheap resource extraction, for not employing enough Africans in leader positions, for underpaying the workforce and for neglecting obvious concerns like corruption and human rights. Still China remains an example of how business, investments and trade outperforms the ability of charity and aid to reduce poverty in Africa.

Some international companies and investors also make a difference by bringing people out of poverty through social impact investments, social entrepreneurship and by adopting sustainable practices as part of their business strategies. These social enterprises apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental wellbeing. Socially responsible companies show us that there are viable alternatives to doing business purely for profit and that social entrepreneurship can make a real and significant difference for people in need across the world.

Combining business and poverty reduction through social entrepreneurship may perhaps not be an obvious strategy to most people. After all charity is what the general population associate with helping people in need. And social entrepreneurship has mainly been associated with wealthy investor, large companies and local startups. This is however changing fast; now YOU too can be part of this new and effective form of poverty reduction through a highly successful and attractive time-proven form of crowdfunding.

building communities in Africa

How can my purchases empower poor communities?

Better Globe has made it easy to help reduce poverty in Africa. When you buy Donation Packages or trees online you help poor farmers and their families out of poverty while being profitable.
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Sustainable and profitable climate action that reduce poverty

Better Globe Forestry is a unique company that has fully embraced poverty reduction in Africa as their main objective. Their strategy is use different channels to crowdfund commercial tree plantations in drylands that are prone to desertification and otherwise unproductive. By doing so people around the world are for the first time able to become social entrepreneurs and actually earn a long term profit while making a social and environmental impact in some of Africa's poorest communities.

This way of combining crowdfunding with green and sustainable business strategies to help those in need is the new and better way to do good in the world with permanent and measurable results. Better Globe calls their new approach of giving customers a return on what they buy "Social Entrepreneurship the Better Globe Way".

And the good news is that "Social Entrepreneurship the Better Globe Way" does not require much time or effort, there are no big costs involved, there are no long-term commitments, no particular talents are needed, it can be done from the comfort of your home and virtually anyone can participate.

Act today with Better Globe

As a Better Globe customer you take direct action to counter climate change and poverty. Your purchases will also help reduce deforestation in tropical forests in the future and thus positively impact biodiversity. Right now anyone can help empower poor farmers and their families in East Africa and Better Globe is a great option for anyone that:

  • have a desire to help people in need and support social change
  • are concerned with environmental issues and the negative impacts of climate change
  • want to divest in companies that pollute and instead go green with a social impact investment
  • would like to earn a passive income contributing to a better world by inspiring others to take action

Become a customer and a social entrepreneur with Better Globe now

Trees cost €20 each and pay €208.25 in return for over 20 years. You get 12.75% annual returns each December from the 5th year of ownership through the 19th. Year 20, the ownership ends, and you get 8.5 times the retail cost in returns, which is €170. Norwegian company Better Globe AS manages finances and gains.

Donation Packages cost €59 and give you two trees with financial returns identical to trees bought individually, a total of €408.5 in expected return over 20 years. With the Donation Package, you create a more significant social impact. It includes 500 liters of water, two trees that are donated to poor farmers. And €1.5 each is also donated to children's education and community-owned microfinance banks. Thes social, environmental aspects are managed by Better Globe Forestry Ltd. in Kenya and Uganda.

Belgium's Ambassador in Kenya, HE Mr. Bart Ouvry


Previous Ambassador to Kenya, Bart Ouvry, who is now the Human rights & Democracy Director at Foreign Affairs, talks in this interview about his impressions after seeing Better Globe's operation.
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More Better Globe testimonials and recommendations

Although Better Globe's operations are located in Kenya, which is far away from most of its customers, the work that is done is incredibly well documented. This is thanks to a combination of close collaboration with local and national government, the local communities, visitors that includes everything from national and international university students to foreign government officials, as well as publishing all their progress in Miti Magazine, a tree planting magazine which is published by Better Globe Forestry to help farmers in drylands earn money from trees.

Better Globe also arranges annual customer trips where tree buyers can visit the tree plantations and discover everything there is to know about how the company operates in Kenya, as well as the support they provide through the education charity Child Africa in Uganda. Over the last 8 years or so about 130 to 140 Better Globe customers have been on these unforgettable customer trips.

In fact, the first video on this page with the interview of Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg includes images from the 8th annual customer trip to Kenya and Uganda. A life-changing experience we highly recommend for anyone that has the opportunity to participate. On the customer trip, you get to see the work that is being done and how it impacts the local communities, and it is something that you definitely will take with you for life.

Audun Turoey, Better Globe Ambassador together a Better Globe farmer worker

"After going on the Better Globe customer trip in 2011 there is no question in my mind that their strategy is one of the best ways to help the communities living in arid and semi arid lands in East Africa."

- Audun Turoey, concept owner.

High level Belgian officials visiting Better Globe Forestry

After the Belgian Ambassador to Kenya, Her Excellency Madam Roxane de Bildeling, visited Better Globe Forestry's tree plantation in Kiambere May 2016 together with Military Attache Col Herwig Holsteyns, she tweeted the following:

  • Visit our Facebook page for more images from Her Excellency Madam Roxane de Bildeling's visit to Better Globe Forestry's tree plantation in Kiambere.

One of many thank you emails to Better Globe

"Yesterday I bought 100 trees and a Donation Package to our children, Gabriel almost 8 years and Ludwig almost 7 years. This morning I have shown them images from your website and talked about Better Globe to the whole family. We have now decided that we all together will travel down to see the trees. The children then immediately decided that they want to bring with them water, crayons, food, building materials and stuffed toys.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make an investment that does something more and that gives our children a broader consciousness. My husband I will buy just as many trees to ourselves as well. :)"

- Swedish customer May 2016

  • World Agroforestry Center and Kenya Forestry Research Institute collaboration

  • Contract farmer talks about his farm and experience with Better Globe Forestry

Be part of the solution for the future with Better Globe