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What Is The Best Way To Take Action On Climate Change And Poverty?

  • better globe tree

    Tree €17

    Minimum returns per tree €208.25

    CO2 offset 500 kg per tree

    Agroecology for farmers

    Reduce desertification

    Reduce soil erosion

    Provide jobs


    14 days money back guaranty on trees and
    Donation Packages, no questions asked.

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  • better globe donation package

    Donation Package €53

    Minimum returns €416.50

    2 trees to the customer

    CO2 offset 2000 kg


    Donated to local communities:

       2 trees

       500 litres of water

       €1.5 to microfinance loans

       €1.5 to children's education

When are the returns from trees paid by Better Globe?

The first 4 years: Your trees have to grow before any produce can create financial returns

Years 5 through 19: Every tree pays €2.55 each December, which represent 15% in annual returns

Year 20 ownership ends: A minimum of 10 times the retail price is paid per tree, which is 10 x €17 = €170

Take action on climate change and poverty in Africa

Buying trees online or preferably a combination of trees and a monthly Better Globe Donation Package is one of the easiest and most efficient ways you can take direct action on both climate change and poverty in East Africa.

Examples of costs, returns and CO2 offset with Better Globe
Monthly purchaseMonthly costAnnual costTotal returns20 years profitCO2 offset
1 tree€17€204€2499€22956000 kilos
1 Donation Package€53€636€4998€436224000 kilos
10 trees + 1 Donation Package€223€2676€29988€2731272000 kilos

You can make a purchase from the comfort of your own home and help create predictable and traceable results. At the same time you can plan and predict your own economic outcome together with the total CO2 offset you create. Take action on climate change and poverty in Africa in a sustainable way that creates clear and direct benefits to everyone involved including future generations around the world.

Below you find some of the challenges you can take action on with Better Globe and be part of the solution to. Or you can click on TAKE ACTION in the menu to jump directly to the subject that concerns you the most.

Poverty reduction

  • african boy
  • Poverty reduction in East Africa

    Take action on poverty with Better Globe and help underprivileged communities leave extreme poverty behind on their own terms in a way that also makes long-term economic sense for you.

    Your purchases help create jobs and income opportunities for poor farmers. Similar to crowdfunding and social impact investing you also get a return on the products you buy.

    This sustainable concept creates accountability with traceable results. And you can afford to support poverty reduction in East Africa long-term since the products both give returns and create a better future for us all.

    We recommend a monthly Donation Package together with the number of trees that fits your economy. Or make a one-time purchase to see how Better Globe works.

    Make a social impact

Climate action on climate change

  • tree planting in drylands
  • Act on climate change and global warming

    Climate change, global warming and environmental protection is all about effective climate action and being the change you want to see in the world.

    We can't count on politicians alone to fix climate change. All of us that want change must take immediate climate action, which is both profitable and easy with Better Globe.

    With the Donation Package you offset 2000 kilos of CO2 and trees bought individually has a CO2 offset of 500 kilos. Planted in drylands the trees reduce desertification and offer a sustainable alternative to deforestation in tropical rainforests driven by the worldwide demand for tropical hardwood. Improving soil quality and soil carbon absorption is also part of the strategy. #ClimateAction


Corporate social responsibility

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • Join our Voluntary CSR Program

    For companies we offer 3 CSR seals mainly focusing on CO2 offset / carbon neutrality, supporting children's education and promoting integrity as a core value to African children. By using our seals for corporate social responsibility your company can make a significant social and environmental impact while remaining long-term profitable.

    Our CSR seals can be displayed both online and offline depending on what type of agreement we reach. The seals will help your company communicate environmental and social values that are representative for your company profile. Take this opportunity to make an impact and get even better noticed as a socially responsible company that also care for the environment.

    Learn more

Carbon footprint reduction

  • co2 offset carbon
  • Carbon footprint offset with trees

    With Better Globe you can easily reduce your carbon footprint through buying individual trees or Donation Packages and thus offset some of your CO2 output.

    We do however recommend to also make some lifestyle changes and try to reduce consumption, in particular the use of plastic.

    Each tree you buy takes 500 kilos of CO2 off your carbon footprint and the Donation Package removes 2000 kilos of CO2.

    For the first time you can become carbon negative, help reduce poverty and earn a long-term return in the process. Take action with trees and reduce your carbon footprint with us today.

    Offset CO2 emissions

Carbon neutral seal for blogs & websites

  • co2 free and sustainable website
  • Make your website carbon neutral

    Based on Better Globe's humanitarian products we offer a voluntary carbon neutral seal that is fast and easy to implement. Our CO2 free seal is the first one in the market that is long-term profitable while also having a significant social impact in East Africa.

    Promote your carbon neutrality with us or commit to a monthly or yearly CO2 offset buying trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe through

    Learn more  Make a purchase

Water & microfinance

  • donate water and microfinance
  • Donate water and fund microfinance

    When you buy the Better Globe Donation Package you get 2 trees that you profit from while donating 2 trees together with 500 litres of water to smallholder farmers in Kenya. Included in the Donation Package you also donate €1.5 each to children's education charity Child Africa and to microfinance.

    Through customer purchases Better Globe Forestry has funded one community owned bank that provide low-cost microfinance loans to families close to one of Better Globe's tree plantations in Kenya. Help us microfinance more families across Kenya's drylands.

    Buy Donation Package  Learn more

Hunger & desertification

  • mango tree plantation
  • Reduce hunger and desertification

    Buying trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe you can really make an impact as the trees planted creates jobs and income opportunities in arid and semi arid lands.

    It is however the Donation Packages that makes the biggest social impact and we recommend buying at least 1 per month together with the number of trees that fit your economy and desired financial outcome.

    You can also donate fruit and nut trees to schools in drylands through Trees4Family without financial returns. The trees provide nutritious fruit and nuts that may help feed school children over 30 to 40 years.

    Act with Better Globe  Act with Trees4Family

Donate a tree

  • african school receiving tree donations
  • Donate a tree in someone's name

    Give the gift of donation and donate a tree in someone's name to schools in drylands through Trees4Family. It is a great way to celebrate or honour a person.

    The trees have a social and environmental impact and the produce also help improve children's nutritional status while raising their awareness of the importance of trees and tree planting.

    Visit Trees4Family

Fight corruption

  • african children reading bingwa magazine
  • Fight corruption with integrity

    Better Globe promotes integrity and follows strict guidelines for how they conduct business, as put forward in Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg's book, “Put Integrity First”.

    Through the Donation Package you also support Child Africa. The NGO has a strong focus on integrity to prevent corruption and teaches integrity as a subject to their pupils.

    Child Africa also publishes Bingwa Magazine, a children's magazine donated to schools. Each issue is read by up to 100 children. In addition to providing important knowledge not commonly found in school books and instilling self-esteem, Bingwa Magazine also entertains while having a strong focus on creating champions of integrity that can take a stand against corruption in the future.

    Buy Donation Package  Donate Bingwa

Children's education

  • children's education schools in africa
  • Support children's education

    Through the Donation Package you create a significant social and environmental impact for dryland farmers and their families.

    Each Donation Package includes €1.5 donated to Child Africa to support children's education in Uganda and to support schools and children's education close to the plantations in Kenya.

    You may also visit the Child Africa website and choose to sponsor a child or donate directly to a specific project or item of your choosing.

    Buy Donation Package  Visit Child Africa

Eco-friendly products

  • eco-friendly products sustainable
  • Shop eco-friendly products

    For your convenience we have created a shopping page with links to different companies and online stores that sell green, natural and eco-friendly products.

    Switching over to eco-friendly products is better for your family's health and for the environment. You can also increase your impact by prioritizing socially responsible products.

    Any purchases you make helps in the development of our green web concepts. Also notice our eco-merchandise that also includes a tree or a Donation Package. Feel free to share our work to help us reach more like-minded people around the world. Either it be sustainable living or poverty reduction and social entrepreneurship the Better Globe Way.

    Eco shopping

Tree as a gift

  • better globe tree and donation package
  • Give a tree as a gift

    Give a green and eco-friendly gift with a significant social impact. Gift certificate is instantly available and can be presented in many creative ways. You only pay €17 per tree you give, while the recipient get no less than €208.25 over 20 years per tree received.

    For an original gift that packs an even greater social and environmental impact you can give a Donation Package. It only cost €53 while giving a total payout of €416.5 to the recipient over 20 years.

    With Better Globe you can give a tree as a gift and then see that gift continue to give annual returns from the 5th through the 20th year of ownership. Trees and Donation Packages are in other words the socially responsible and sustainable gifts that just keeps on giving!

    Give a green gift

Green business opportunity

  • contact for green business
  • Start your green business with us

    Would you like to earn an extra income by doing good, reducing poverty in Africa and taking action on climate change? With Better Globe you can easily do this. Join us for a low-risk green business opportunity that will pay you returns even if you do not sell a single product.

    Contact us today to learn how Better Globe works, what costs and returns are involved, the income potential and to discover some of the many unique benefits we offer to help you succeed as a Better Globe Ambassador through

    PS! Also suitable for companies!

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