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On our shopping page you can buy trees online and support poverty reduction in East Africa through dryland tree planting and social entrepreneurship. Together with you and Better Globe Forestry Ltd. in Kenya we create “Prosperity with Purpose” through sustainable agroforestry in drylands. With us you can now calculate the benefits of supporting this social enterprise, which is quite similar to crowdfunding and impact investing.

Calculating the benefits for new customers

Understand the cost, return and profit together with the carbon offset and the social impact you create when you purchase Donation Packages and trees from Norwegian company Better Globe AS. With our tree calculator you can plan your desired financial return, CO2 offset and community support. Add trees and Donation Packages to unlock bonuses exclusively available to our new Better Globe customers. Act on poverty and invest in a greener Africa with us today.

Buy trees and Donation Packages with our Tree Profit Calculator

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Annual payout of 15% year 2023 to 2037
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Total cash crop payout from 2023 to 2037
(Annual cash crop € x 15 years x trees)
Last payout from sustainable hardwood 2038
(Ownership ends with 10 x retail price € x trees)
Financial returns split on both products
(Total cash crop payout + last payout)
Profits on all your trees over 20 years
(Total returns - in total cost)
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Our purchase solution

The goal was to create a better shopping experience and to introduce more people to Better Globe’s socially responsible and eco-friendly products. So hopefully you agree that our Tree Profit Calculator have made it easier to make a socially responsible investment for a better future and to act on climate change and poverty with trees from Better Globe.

The Tree Profit Calculator has been developed with Better Globe AS and it gives you the same top level security as they provide and is fully integrated with their platform. Upon completing your purchase you get confirmation emails and login details from Better Globe together with a welcome email from us. We hope to see you as a new customer soon.

Why buy the Better Globe Donation Package?

Discover a new and sustainable way to eradicate extreme poverty with permanent results, see the video (8-minutes) and discover the benefits.

How do Better Globe trees generate financial returns?

For investors who would like to divest from fossil fuels and companies that pollute, our tree profit calculator makes it easy to plan returns and your CO2 offset. The returns shown are based on numbers from Better Globe and the value of Melia volkensii sustainable hardwood timber (Mukau or African mahogany, tropical hardwood comparable to American mahogany and teak), as well as gum arabic production from Acacia senegal. These are the two main commercial trees of economic importance to customers. Other commercial activities do exist however, dryland mango production of the Apple mango variety is an example of that.

What makes the returns from Better Globe unique is that when you buy a tree up to 3 trees are actually planted. Cash crop trees start to produce returns from produce during the 5th year of ownership and Mukau trees as they mature after 20 years. The Mukau trees will then be brought to market as sustainable hardwood from dryland agroforestry and can help reduce the pressure on natural forests driven by the increasing demand for tropical hardwood, thus helping to protect tropical forests and biodiversity.

Most forestry companies in Africa today take up fertile land and export trees for timber production outside Africa. This brings us to other unique aspects of Better Globe Forestry Ltd. In comparison the company leases tree plantation areas in drylands for free, work in close cooperation with local communities and employ and support contract farmers and their families. Better Globe Forestry will also build timber manufacturing facilities and carpenter workshops locally. This in turn will employ more people, grow local infrastructure, contribute to the Kenyan economy and also enable Better Globe Forestry to extract more of the commercial value of the trees. And this is how Better Globe earns the revenues needed in order to be profitable and reward customers who helped crowdfund their vision of a greener and healthier Kenya with the promised financial returns.

Investors and customers can learn more about how safe trees are as biological assets that grow every day, regardless of the ups and downs of the world’s financial markets, in our article about how risk management is implemented to secure the investment. It is also worth mentioning that Better Globe have paid annual returns on trees as promised to customers since December 2010, when the first trees bought (2006) reached commercial age.

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